Step 2. The markets are divided on the tabs that you can find in the right corner of the screen. Several coins are listed on the last quotation in each tab.

  You can sort the currency alphabetically or on the quotation. The example see on the picture below.
  Moreover, you can use searching field.

   Once you choose the pair, you will go to the page where you can buy or sell your currency.
As in the example of BTC/STEX pair.

Step 3.

   To buy or sell the coin on the chosen pair basis, please, fill in the appropriate field with the coins price and amount. The example how to buy BTC/STEX see below.  

  1. You can set the price of buy/sell

2. or choose the price checking the Trade History or the order windows with the actual price.

You can set the amount manually,  or click on the amount available on the wallet

Step 4:
   To finish your request, please, click on “Buy” or "Sell". Once you place an order, the system will find out the party with the same or lower price. If your price is lower than the price proposed by the other parties, your order with be transferred to the open orders list until any available order with the appropriate or lower price will be created in the system. After that your order will be processed.
  Your orders can be partially completed. This happens when your amount is much more bigger than the amount proposed by the same price.
  The orders can stay opened indefinitely till your buy/sell offer differs in price from the offer of the other User. You can find all your open orders of the chosen trade pair on the bottom of the Trade history page or in your
Profile - Open Orders. If you want to change the open order, you can cancel it or place a new order.

STEP 5: 

  Once your order is finished, it will appear as one or several trades in Order History.

  You can check your finished order, amount and fee clicking on the tab - Fully completed

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