Did not receive a deposit?

The deposit process can take approximately 60 minutes, it depends on currency type and on the number of confirmations that transaction needs for crediting.
Be sure, if the transaction exist into the blockchain.

If the 60 pass and you still does not receive coins, please contact our Technical Support

If you do not know how to make a deposit, please follow the link below:

Did you get a 'withdraw error'?

  Do not worry, the error will be checked within 24 hours. If the withdrawal will be canceled, your coins will be sent back to your wallet.
For more information about the error please contact our Technical Support.

If you do not know how to make a withdrawal, please follow the link below:

Did not get an email confirmation?

In case you did not receive the withdrawal confirmation to your email box, please, be so kind as to check your spam box first. Occasionally, it requires some time to receive an email, so, please, be patient and wait a little bit.

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