STEX offers 4 different ways to verify the account. Cryptonomica is one of them.

Cryptonomica - is an online and offline identity verification service and a global database of verified identities with keys for signing electronic documents, blockchain transactions, and KYC.

In order to verify the account by Cryptonomica, you should go to the verification page and choose the Cryptonomica verification option.

Here are a few steps you should pass before you start verification on the Cryptonomica side:

  1. Provide some personal information.

2. Provide documents confirming the source of your funds.

Note: based on the country you live this step can be missed in your verification process.

  • In accordance with the requirements of the European Union, as well as the internal policy of the company “Know your customer”, we ask you to provide information and documents confirming the source of your funds.

  • You should load a file. Pay attention, encoding the file you provided can take some time. Please wait a bit.

As soon as the encoding process ends click 'done' and follow the next step.

3. Link your Gmail account, which you will use for passing verification on Cryptonomica.

4. Now we will follow to Cryptonomica website to pass the verification.

Please pay attention to the text before following the link.

  • Important to use the same Gmail account you linked before.

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After successfully passing Cryptonomica verification on the Cryptonomica side you should get a 'fingerprint'.

This key you have to input to the required field and go to the next step.

If the information you provide is correct, you will be forwarded to the following page. Here you confirm that you pass your verification request for inspection.

You will get an email notification when we receive the request.

The email with a result you will get within 48 hours.

If you have any other questions regarding Anti-phishing, please, contact our Support Team via or

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