The default security

STEX offers you an entire security control center. Read more about the security to stay safe. 

  • Change the password

If you confirm password change, our system automatically blocks the funds withdrawal for 72 hours. These actions are carried out for your account security.

  • New device (browser/ IP address) login message

When you login to account from a new device/ browser/ IP address, you will always receive a notification. If it wasn’t you, the instant account freeze option is available in the email or you should contact the STEX support team immediately. 

  • Terminate all active sessions

This method will allow you to logout all possible attackers from your account. By pressing the button, only your session will remain active.

To do this, you should go to “Profile”. In the sidebar “Menu”, select “Account settings” and scroll down the page, then click on “Terminate other sessions”. 

  • Automatic logout

In terms of security, the session lasts 12 hours, then you will be automatically logged out. 

  • The latest activity (Authorization history)

You can also monitor your login history.

To do this, you should go to Profile”. In the sidebar “Menu, select “Account settings” and scroll down the page, on the left you will find “Authorization history”.

Individual account security settings

Here you can choose the most appropriate option to improve your account security. You can use one or more options together.

  • Two-Factor Authentication 

To improve account security, we recommend you to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). If you delete or lost Authenticator application, you could restore 2FA

If you are not able to login and get an error message, you can find a solution to the problem here.

  • SMS Authentication

In this case, you will be receiving a message with a one-time code. More information you can find out here.

  • Allow to login from IPs

You can turn on the list of IP addresses from which you can login. To do this, you should go to “Profile”, select “Account settings” tab and click on “Activate” next to the corresponding line.

Then you should enter the list of IP addresses via ‘ ; ’

  • Web Authentication with Security Key 

Universal WebAuthn (Web Authentication) is a web standard published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). WebAuthn is a core component of the FIDO2 Project under the guidance of the FIDO Alliance that strengthens and simplifies two-factor authentication using a specialized NFC, built-in platform biometric sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy, or a USB security device such as the Yubikey, Ledger or Trezor Wallet.

A WebAuthn (Web Authentication) can be used as an additional method of strong, easy to use, and a highly private second factor of verification before performing logins and confirming withdrawals.

  • Email Encryption (Available for verified users by Cryptonomica)

Email Encryption (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data transmission. It uses a variation of the public key system.

The instruction on how to set up it, you can find here.

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