Email Encryption (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data transmission. It uses a variation of the public key system.

Detailed description and principle of PGP key you can find here
If you are verified by Cryptonomica, the PGP key they provided is used.(
If not, you can create your own PGP key. (!/openPGPOnline)

By passing KYC verification on Cryptonomica, the user receives a PGP key that has been valid for several years.

How to set up email encryption on STEX.COM:

At the beginning, go to the “Account Settings” page.

Click on the “Activate” button.

You will be automatically linked to a page where you can read about the benefits of PGP email encryption and start the activation.

If you are not verified by Cryptonomica, enter your public key in the defined field(1).

After clicking “Send instruction”, check your email to make sure you have received an encrypted mail. Example:

To complete the activation of the email encryption, you should decode the mail and follow a link which is inside.

The procedure for setting up a mail client decryption

Let’s take the example of GPG Keychain and a Thunderbird mail client. To see the information of the decrypted email first you should:

  • Add this STEX public key –92B9E94D4CA08264790632E0C1BDC91A7DFE1069 

  • Make sure the key you found is valid (this key is shown in the screenshot below)

  • After all these steps, go to the Thunderbird mail client and find the encrypted mail. If it’s all right, you will be able to see the encrypted email information and the link. To activate email encryption click on “Activate now”. 

Great! The Encryption Email is successfully activated!

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