When you log-in to your STEX account, you are greeted with the following screen:

It shows the live market chart for BTC and STEX trade pair, along with the minimum and maximum price that was fulfilled in the last 24 hrs. And the trade volume for the pair in the last 24 hours.

To see the chart of various other trade-pairs just scroll down and you will see all the trade pairs we offer for you to trade(2) and the field for creating the order(1).

On the top of the list of trade pairs that STEX offers, you can see two sections named 'Pairs' and 'Wallets' (1)
On the Pairs section you can choose the market(2) and currency that you want to trade. After clicking on the currency pair you want the market chart for the same will open.

Also, you can sort the currency alphabetically or on the quotation. Moreover, you can use the searching field.
On the ‘Wallets’ section you can see all the wallets associated with your STEX account that have balance.

Placing an Order:

In this section we will explain to you how you can place an order for trading. Taking STEX/BTC pair as an example.

We offer 2 types of orders on STEX.

  1. Spot orders mode

  2. Stop-Limit orders mode

How to change orders mode you can see in the example below. (1)

To place a Spot orders mode, just enter your Buy/Sell price that you want to trade your coins at. Please note that the form is filled with the current average price of all the Buy/Sell orders that are placed on STEX at any given instant. So if you just want to trade at that price, just enter the amount of coins you want to trade.

After filling in your price and the amount of coins you want to trade(2), click on the Buy/Sell button(4), depending on the nature of your order.

On the Total field(3) you can see the amount of coins you will receive after order executed.

Once you place an order, the system will find out the party at the same or lower price. If your price is lower than the price proposed by the other parties, your order will be transferred to the open orders list(5) until any available order with the appropriate or lower price will be created on the platform. After that, your order will be processed.

Your orders can be partially completed. This happens when your amount is much bigger than the amount proposed by the same price.

Also, the orders can stay opened indefinitely till your buy/sell offer differs in price from the offer of the other User. 

You can find all your open orders of the chosen trade pair on the bottom of the Trade history page or in your Profile - Open Orders.
If you want to change the open order, you can cancel it and place a new one.
How to cancel an order you can read below.

To place a Stop Limit Order, just enter your Buy/Sell price that you want to trade your coins at, just like the Spot order. Additionally, you can set a price you want your order to stop executing. Your order will wait at this price and start fulfilling again when the market finds another order that matches your price.

More details about  Stop Limit Order you can find in the following article:

Cancelling an order:

In this section we will explain to you how you can cancel an order you have placed. There are two ways you can approach this.

  1. Go to the trade pair you have opened your order in, and scroll down, here you will see your open orders for that trade pair. And a cancel button right next to it. Just press the “Cancel” button and your order will be cancelled and your coins will return to your STEX wallet.

   2. Alternatively, you can go to your STEX profile, and from the sidebar menu on the left, navigate to “Open Orders”. Here you will see all your open orders for every trade pair that you have placed, and right next to it a “cancel” button. Click the cancel button here and your order will be cancelled and your coins will return to your STEX wallet.

Please note that, only the amount of coins that have not been fulfilled in your Open Order will return to your STEX wallet, the coins that were already traded, you will see as the coin you placed an order for in your wallet. 

Once your order is finished, it will appear as one or several trades in Order History.

The order details you can check by clicking on the order status:

If you have any other questions, our Technical Support Team will be glad to assist you.

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