Sum (Sumcoin) is the world’s first Index based Crypto Currency by and supported by all participating General Bytes ATMs. Sumcoin is a cryptographic blockchain using scrypt proof-of-work algorithm.

Important! Please pay attention to the following information:

SUM - is an index and has specific trading. Orders can be executed only with index prices. You can enter your Buy/Sell price in the order book on STEX. But the execution of any position Buy / Sell can be finished only in +/- 1% of the current index by

For example, the index price of is 0,00001903 for BTC. So you can Buy/Sell only +/- 1% this price.

Basic principals to adhere to Index Rate with trade:

- index rate no more than 1% +/-

- traders are not able to place Buy orders greater than the Index price;

- traders are not able to place Sell orders less than the Index price;

- any existing orders will automatically be cancelled as the Index price grows/drops by more than 1%.

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