When you open a STEX website, you are directed to our front page. To go to trading, click "Trade" at the top left corner.

A new page with all the features is opened. It shows a live market chart , along with the minimum and maximum price that was fulfilled in the last 24 hours, the trade volume (#2) and a time frame (#1).

On the right side you will see all the trading pairs we offer you to trade with.

On the Pairs (#1) section, you can choose the market and currency that you want to trade in. After clicking on the currency pair, you want the market chart for the same coin will open.

Besides that, here you have a wallet (#2) section. There you can see all the wallets associated with your STEX account that have a balance on it.

Please note, that an option to check a Total value of your coins is available in your Profile, at Balance section.

To open your profile, please click Human icon (#1) in the top right corner of your screen. Then in the List please choose Balance (#2).

So, here you can check Total Value of your coins.

The place to create an order is located at the down left corner of your screen.

We offer two trade options:

If you want to know how to trade in Spot trade mode follow this link.

Information about the Stop-limit trade mode is here.

Once you place an order, it goes to the Order Book.

Down on the right side of this page you can see 'All trading history', 'Your trade history' and 'Open orders'.

Here you can review All finished orders, Your finished orders, and Open Orders in this trading pair.

Hope this helps you easily to understand the trade process at STEX exchange. If you have any other questions, our Technical Support Team will be glad to assist you.

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