You can place 2 types of orders on STEX:

1. Spot orders mode

2. Stop-Limit orders mode

To change orders mode you need to click on Spot/Stop trading options.

Spot orders mode

To place a Spot orders mode, enter your Buy/Sell price. Please note that the form is filled with the current average price of all the Buy/Sell orders that are placed on STEX at the moment.

Fill in your price and check the amount of coins you want to trade (#1). Below, you can see the total amount of coins you will get. (#2). When you checked everything, click on the Buy/Sell button (#3), depending on the nature of your order.

Once you place an order, the system will find the party at the same or lower price. If your price is lower than the price proposed by the other parties, your order will be transferred to the Order book. There an order can stay open indefinitely while your buy/sell offer differs a price from the other User's offer.

Note: Your orders can be partially completed. This happens when your amount is bigger than the amount proposed by the same price.

You can find all your open orders of the chosen trade pair on the down left corner of the Trade page, under the Chart box, or in your Profile - Open Orders.
If you want to change the open order, you can cancel it and place a new one.

Read about Stop Limit Order you can read in the following article: Stop Limit Order

How to cancel an order

There are two ways:

1. Canceling on the trading pair. Open the pair your order in. In the down left corner, you can see three tabs – All trading history, My trade history and My orders.

In the 'My orders' tab, you will see your open orders for that trading pair. A cancel button right next to it. Just press the “Cancel” and your order will be canceled. Your coins will return to your STEX wallet.

2. Canceling on the profile page.

Open your profile, click a Human icon (#1) in the top right corner of your screen. Then in a list, please choose Open orders (#2).

In the 'Open Orders' tab, you can see all open orders for every trading pair that you have placed. Right next to them you see a “Cancel” button. Click it and the order will be canceled, coins at that order return to your STEX wallet.

Note: only the number of coins that have not been fulfilled in your Open Order will return to your STEX wallet. The coins that were already traded you will see on the wallet of the coin you wanted to get.

Once your order is finished, it will appear as one or several trades in History.

The order details can be checked by clicking on the order status (#1). The field with information appears below. (#2):

Hope this helps you easily to understand the trade process at STEX exchange. If you have any other questions, please, contact our Support Team via or

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