2FA and other security options we provide you can find in the 'Account settings'.

Enabling 2FA:

Step 1:

Go to your Profile - Account Settings and choose Activate Two-Factor Auntefication.

Step 2:

You need to install an authenticator application on your phone or browser.

Step 3:

Open up your 2FA app, choose to add a new key, and scan the QR barcode or enter a 16-digits code. Then you will get a 6-dights code.

If everything is correct follow the next step on the website.

Step 4:

Back up your recovery key!
Back up your 16 digit key/ barcode and put it in a safe place. If your phone gets lost, stolen, or erased, you will need this key to get back into your STEX account! Without this key, the only way to regain access will be to open a support ticket. Account recovery without your 16 digit key can be a lengthy process.

Step 5:

Enter a 6-digit code in the required field and press 'Next' to activate 2FA.

Step 6:

Our congratulations, 2FA is successfully activated.

If you have lost your 2FA code, please, contact our Support Team via support@stex.com from the email registered on our Exchange.

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