Account settings are conditionally divided into two categories:

General account settings:
- change password
- authorization history
- delete your account

Security settings:

- web Authentication with Security Key

- email Encryption

- two-Factor Authentication

- anti-phishing

- allow to login from IPs

- confirm Withdrawals via Email in API

The change password option is available from the account settings. Besides, you also can reset it from the login page. A guide on how to do it you can find here.

Web Authentication with Security Key is used as an additional method of strong, easy to use, and a highly private second factor of verification before performing logins and confirming withdrawals.

Email Encryption - Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

Two-Factor Authentication is used for withdrawals and security modifications.

1. Anti-phishing - the option helps to identify original STEX emails from the fake you can receive. More information you can find in the 'How to activate emails anti-phishing?' article.

Allow to login from IPs - using this option, you can allow access to your account only from certain IPs.

Confirm Withdrawals via Email in API allows the withdrawals that are created using the API to be processed without an additional email confirmation.

Authorization history. Each login attempt (successful or not) is noted in your Authorization history.

If you know you are logged in from several devices you can 'terminate other sessions' to automatically log out from other devices except for this one. For it, you need to click on the 'terminate other sessions' in the upper right corner on the authorization history page.

Delete your account option. If you decided to delete the account it will be deleted in 31 days. During this period you will be able to cancel the deletion.

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