An option to check your Wallets and balance is available on the STEX trade page.

For more details, please open your Balance page. Click Profile (#1) and choose Balance (#2) from the list.

Here you can see all coins listed on the STEX exchange.

To make your life easier, you can use Filter option that is at the top of your Balance page.

- Search line (#1) will help you to find the coin you are looking for. Simply type the coin ticker in.

- Hide zero balance (#2) will take off from the list all wallets with zero balance.

- Delisted (#3) will show you the list of coins that are in the delisting process.

- Hide balance (#4) will hide the number and amount of coins. Instead of digits you will see dots.

At the top right corner of your Balance page you can check Total Value of your coins.

Note: This is only the approximate sum of all currencies you have on your balance. It's not the correct total amount.

You can see the balance tab has some columns. Let's look at them closer.

- Coin (#1);

- Name (#2);

- Deposit (#3);

- Amount (#4);

- USD (#5);

- Hold Amount (#6);

- In orders (#7);

- Bonus (#8);

- Withdraw (#9);

Coin shows you an abbreviation (ticker symbol) of each coin.

Name (#1) gives you a full ticker of the coin. So, you can make sure it is the same coin as you are looking for.

Note: If you click on the name of the coin (#2), you can check the detailed description of it, including the networks is uses for transactions, contract and other important information.

Deposit gives you an option to send coins from an external wallet to your STEX account. For more information about the deposit procedure, please follow this link.

Amount shows you the number of coins you have on your balance for each coin.

USD gives you an approximate value of your coins in USD according to the market price.

HOLD amount. If you want to separate your balance and freeze a part or all amounts you can use the hold option. To transfer coins to a hold wallet you should click directly on the amount, choose the sum of coins you want to transfer, and click on the relevant button.
To transfer coins back you should do the same actions but click on the hold amount.

In orders shows you an amount of coins you have in your open orders.

Bonus tab helps you to get information about the coins you've got from your Referrals.

Withdraw option gives you an opportunity to send your coins from STEX exchange to other wallet. More information you can find in"How do I withdraw crypto currencies?" article.

If you look next to the withdraw option, you can see a Fire (#1) icon. Using this option you can burn your coins (#2).

NOTE: it doesn't mean you withdraw your coins, it means you delete them from your balance.

If you have any other questions, please, contact our Support Team via or

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