1. Forgot to input memo/payment ID/destination tag.

In order to withdraw, several currencies additionally require a payment ID/destination tag/memo/message.

A Destination Tag/Memo is an additional address feature necessary for identifying a transaction recipient beyond a wallet address.

'Optional' means that you have to input it if you are asked for it under the recipient wallet address.

NOTE: It's doesn't mean that this field is not necessary.

Users often forget to provide it or use the wrong one while making the withdrawal.
Transactions without payment ID/destination tag/memo/message cannot be credited. In this case, you should contact the recipient side Support Team.

2. Withdrawal fee.

You need to check the fee and the currency of the fee before you proceed with the withdrawal. If you do not have the required coins, you should deposit or buy these coins on STEX.

3. Different contracts in transactions.

Currencies based on ERC20/TRON/Solana/BEP20 have contracts. Be sure the contract of coins on your personal wallet/other trade platform is the same as on STEX before making a withdrawal.

To get additional information about a currency (official block explorer/website/contacts/contract) click on the ticker or full name.

4. Withdraw to wrong currency wallet.

You can withdraw the currency only to exact this currency wallet. If you use a wallet of another currency, most likely you get a withdrawal error or just lose coins.

It means you can withdraw BTC only to the BTC wallet, ETH only to the ETH wallet, and so on. If you withdraw BTC to ETH you lost coins.

Some currencies can recognize the wallet address of the different networks and won't let you make a mistake. But they cannot recognize the difference between wallets in one network that belongs to different currencies.

5. Can't confirm the withdrawal.

If you confirm a withdrawal on your phone, the first time you open the link your device asked you how to open this link: by browser or by the app. If the withdrawal was created in the STEX app, you need to choose the STEX app.

If you want to pass confirmation via browser, login into the browser, resend the confirmation link from there, and open the confirmation link by the browser.

NOTE: the withdrawal should be confirmed in the same web browser as you used for Log in to your STEX account.

6. Get a 'withdraw error'?

Do not worry, the error will be checked within 24 hours. If the withdrawal will be canceled, your coins will be sent back to your wallet.
For more information about the error please contact our Support Team.

7. Did not get a withdrawal confirmation email.

In case you did not receive the withdrawal confirmation to your email box, please, check your spam folder first. Occasionally, it requires some time to receive an email, please, be patient and wait a little bit.

If you have any other questions, our Support Team will be glad to assist you via support@stex.com or https://help.stex.com.

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