STEX offers 4 different ways to verify the account. Cryptonomica is one of them.

If you choose verification by Crytonomica you need to pass some steps on the STEX side.

In the fourth step, you should go to Cryptonomica to get a fingerprint.

To be verified by Cryptonomica you need to pass 2 stages.

  1. Registration

  2. The key (fingerprint) verification


In the beginning, you will be redirected to the Cryptonomica website from the STEX website.

Note: use the same email address you linked on the STEX side.

On the next page, you need to input your PGP key. If you do not have it, you can use 'OpenPGP Online Service' which is part of the Ctyptonomica service or you can use another service. Cryptonomica has a list of recommended software.

We choose 'OpenPGP Online Service' to create a PGP key.

Now we need to fill some fields.

  1. Create a password for your private key.

  2. Input your Given name and Surname exactly like on your passport/ID card.

  3. Input the email address you used for registration on the Cryptominica

  4. After filling the required fields we go to the next step by clicking 'Generate New Keys'.

Then we should save our Public Key and Private Key.

Great! Let's return to the Registration tab. Here we need to:

  1. Enter public key;

  2. Enter the date of birth;

Then click on 'Upload public key and register' to finish the registration.

Congratulations, we complete the first stage. You can find the email confirming your registration in your mail.

The key (fingerprint) verification

Go to the Profile and click on the fingerprint key.

As you can see the key is not verified yet. Click on 'Verify Key Online' to start the process.

Please familiarize yourself with the ​'Online verification terms and conditions​'. As soon as you accepted them, you will be forwarded to the next page.

  • Here you should specify your nationality(according to the document) (1)

  • Provide a photo of your passport/ID card and a photo of another document confirming your identity. It can be a national ID, driver's license, etc. (2)

  • Add the photos and click on the 'Upload documents' button below. (3)

  • If the documents are uploaded correctly we can go to the next step. (4)

Now you need to record the video with the following text. (1)

after that, upload it to the server. (2)

Check if the video was recorded properly. There is a sound and the text was read without mistakes.

If everything is fine, follow the next step.

Now you need to verify your phone number.

  1. Input your phone number and click on the 'send SMS message' button below.

  2. Check your messages on your device. There you will find the 7 digits code. Input it in the required field and click the 'Verify' button below.

If in the result field you get 'phone verified' message you can go to the next step.

Almost done! Fill in the card payment details.

Before you submit the payment use the promocode that STEX provides.

  • Input the promocode to the required field and click the 'refresh price/apply promocode' button. The price should updating.

After that, you can click on the 'submit Payment' button and follow to the next step.

Now, if your operation is successful, check your bank statement of the payment. In the description, you will find a verification key. It looks like: 'CRYPTONOMICA 6691170'. The last 7 digits are unique codes that you have to enter. It proves that you are the legitimate owner of the credit card.

Input the 7 digits code in the required field. Check the code and follow the next step.

Congratulations. You entered all the required data.

Now you need to wait for data verification by the compliance officer. They will send a message with a result on your mail.

In the email that confirms successfully completed Cryptonomica verification, you will get a valid fingerprint. Or you can get a fingerprint on your Cryptonomica profile.

This code you need to copy, go back to the STEX side, and input it into the required field.

If you have any other questions regarding Anti-phishing, please, contact our Support Team via or

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