STEX offers 4 different ways to verify the account. One of them is the STEX custom verification option.

To start the verification process you need to go to the Profile (1), verification tab (2).

Choose the STEX verification option and click Verification next to it.

Read attentively the Pre-Questions form. Put the checkmarks (1) if you agree and click Save and Continue (2).

Feel in your Personal information (1) and click Save and continue (2).

Next upload a front and back page of your Document ID (1). Click Save and Continue (2).

NOTE: All files uploaded must be in jpg, png, or jpeg format.

To finish the verification, please, record a video holding your Document ID and the note with today’s date and our exchange name - STEX.

After your verification request is filled in you should submit it. If you agree, click Save and continue.

After your request is submitted you get a confirmation email to your email inbox.

As soon as your verification is reviewed you will get a reply from our manager.

NOTE: if there are some issues with your request you can make changes and resubmit your verification.

If you have any other questions regarding Anti-phishing, please, contact our Support Team via or

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